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Mas Geli is a family project born from the illusion of making its own wine that expresses the essence of a territory.


Our philosophy is based on taking care of the vine from the beginning. Through the practice of organic farming and manual harvesting, we select the best raw material to make our wine.

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The goal is to create a new experience, from a wonderful environment, which combines the freshness of the sea with the strength of the north wind.

Mas Geli is located in the Masos de Pals, a privileged place surrounded by the massifs of the mountains of Begur and Montgrí. At the same time, the terroir of sand and limestone, as well as its proximity to the sea and the microclimate of the area, make the wines produced there have their own personality.


We currently have thirteen hectares of vineyards, where we can find indigenous varieties of the Empordà, such as white Grenache, red Grenache, Black Grenache, White Samson, Black Samson and the related subirat, among others.


We grow the grapes in an ecological way and harvest them by hand, in order to preserve and respect as much as possible the vine and the surrounding territory.



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